Acid Alkaline Diet for a Healthier You

Being engaged in an acid alkaline diet can be good for you. Knowing the balance between your body’s state of acidity and alkalinity plays a vital role on your health, since it assures you that the blood circulating around your body is in its best state. This particlular diet can drastically improve your state of health.

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However, most people would consider being on a diet only if their bodies are a bit rounder than the average size. Take note that dieting is not only for those who wish to lose weight; but it’s also for those people who wish to be healthier.

Remember that there are different types of diet, and each diet can vary for certain people. The most popular of them all is the weigh loss diet. Obviously, this diet is created for people who wish to lessen a few pounds in their body. Another is being on a vegetable only diet. This is created for people who would rather refrain from eating meat, but still making sure that they have the right amount of protein in their bodies. The other one is the acid alkaline diet, which helps you create a balance between your body’s acidity and alkalinity.

What Is The Acid Alkaline Diet?

The acid alkaline diet is an amazing guide that will show you how to….

- Shed pounds, aches pain and disease

- Obtain an amazing lean body

- Get enhanced mental clarity and increased physical energy

- Explode your energy levels to heights you’ve never seen before

- Restore your physical health

Every single thing we eat has a specific potential of hydrogen or pH value. This value represents how acidic or alkaline something is, through a scale of zero to 14. In this scale, zero is the most acidic, while 14 is the most alkaline, and 7 is neutral. A pH of 7 is the ideal value for water.

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And just like water, our blood also has a desired pH value. Blood with a pH value of 7.35-7.45 is at its healthiest state, and must therefore be attained. Keep in mind that having healthy blood in your system will help it combat and prevent certain diseases which are caused by its being to acidic or alkaline. This is why we need to be on an acid alkaline diet.

Also take note that being on an acid alkaline diet will help you prevent several ailments as well. Most people would blame old age for rheumatism and arthritis. However, what they do not know is that this is the result of too much acid in the body.

The acid alkaline diet does not necessarily tell you to eat more alkaline food and stop your intake of acidic food. In fact, some food may be acidic, but once you’ve eaten them, they leave out an alkaline residue. This is what we should learn while on this diet, since this regulates the hydrogen level in the blood.

One tip in engaging in an acid alkaline diet is to make sure that you are taking in food which leaves an alkaline residue rather than the acidic. Examples of these foods are cabbages, eggplants, rutabagas, radishes, pumpkins, tofu, apples, and lemons.

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However, this is not true to some. There are some people who have very active lifestyles. These people create more acid than those with less active lifestyles, and therefore may require a lot more alkaline in their bodies. For active people, a ratio of four parts alkaline and one part acid is enough; while for less active people, they can settle for two parts alkaline and one part acid.

The main point of this acid alkaline diet is to regulate the acidity in our body. This means that we have to avoid food which would leave a high level of acid residue once we have digested it.

It will be a great shocker to know that most of the food we normally eat and love to eat leave highly acidic residue. These foods are corn, rice, spaghetti, cheese, blueberries, bread, butter, eggs, fish, pork, beef, chocolate, ham, and so much more. Obviously, we are taking in more acid than what is supposed to be taken in, which eventually results to the bones in our body to easily become brittle.

Basically, in almost everything, we require discipline. Once you know that this is what we need for a healthier life, then we must do all means to avoid unhealthy food, even when we so desire to. Being on an acid alkaline diet is not easy, but if you really give it your best shot, you’ll soon realize that you’re getting used to it.

The acid alkaline guide diet has gained a great reputation amongst weight loss and health enthusiasts and we highly recommend the guide.

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